White Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

white chocolate cheesecake brownies

Well it’s safe to say I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. We’re a week away from Christmas now and everyone else seems to have a whole lot more done than me. Why is the rest of the world organised and not me? I haven’t managed to send any cards yet, or wrap any presents, but I have made a list; I want to check it twice but I really don’t have the time. All this is going on and my husband is blissfully unaware that anything out of the ordinary is happening. I think women find Christmas a lot more stressful than the male species.

White chocolate

And what is with the question “Are you all set for Christmas?” It needs to be outlawed. I find only organised people ask this, just to see me squirm.

Melted White Chocolate

We are planning a day in Dublin at the weekend to soak up the festive atmosphere and I’m hoping to make my annual visit to the Moving Crib on Parnell Square. I know that once I have it will become Christmas for me. We have been going there as long as I remember, sometimes making numerous visits in the lead up to the man in red visiting.


I don’t have any menus planned for the festivities yet but we have agreed that our Christmas Day main course will be roast rib of beef with port and blue cheese sauce along with all of the trimmings. I have ordered our rib of beef from our local butchers who raise their own cattle so we are assured of it being great quality and absolutely delicious. If you are like me and still organising menus and you need some dessert inspiration for the festive season then you can’t go far wrong with a brownie and these white chocolate cheesecake brownies are delicious. I plan to be back before Christmas so I won’t wish you a merry Christmas just yet!

cheesecake brownie

White Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

These brownies really need to cool and set before you cut them or it will end in tears!


  • 140g butter
  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 225g granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 large eggs
  • 85g plain flour


  • 300g full fat cream cheese at room temperature
  • 400g white chocolate
  • 2 eggs


  • Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees or 160 fan and line a 20cm square tin with baking paper.
  • For the brownie; melt the butter and dark chocolate together in the microwave or over a double burner. Set aside to cool.
  • For the cheesecake layer; chop the white chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl over a pan of simmering water or give it short bursts in the microwave until it has melted. Leave to cool. Meanwhile mix the cream cheese in a freestanding mixer until soft and creamy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add the melted white chocolate and mix well; scraping the sides of the pan down if required.
  • Whisk in the sugar and the vanilla extract into the reserved melted dark chocolate and butter for the brownie layer. Whisk in the eggs until well combined. Fold the flour into to the chocolate and egg mixture. Pour this batter to the lined pan and smooth out.
  • Pour the cheese cake mixture on top of the top of the brownie batter in the pan. Using a butter knife gently ease the mixture out to the sides of the pan and then start to swirl the cheesecake through the brownie batter.
  • Bake for about 35 minutes, until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out with moist crumbs (not batter)
  • Allow brownies to cool before cutting into squares.

white chocolate cheesecake brownies

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  1. Sounds like you’re well set for Christmas, Adrianne!

    • Adrienne says:

      Feeling better today as I’m on my holidays and I’ve started to tick a few items off my list! Hope you have a merry Christmas!

  2. Emma says:

    Wow; cheesecake and chocolate? My two favourite things! x

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