Jaffa Biscuit Cake

jaffa chocolate biscuit cake

Hello people! Wasn’t it just yesterday that I last posted? It feels like it, but it was 6 weeks ago! Seriously! How fast did that go? I’ve had a lot on my plate recently and sadly food or being creative were not priorities. Seriously being an adult is definitely not all it’s cracked up to be, yes I could buy all the chocolate I want but will it make me as happy as I thought it would when I was 6 years old?

Golden syrup

Anyway during my “non creative” time, I didn’t do very much baking; I made a Halloween barmbrack for the outlaws, Little Sister became a brack mule and brought it to Scotland with her in her little suitcase. My Outlaws are of course Scottish and not just living in Scotland and had never heard of a barmbrack, cue much mirth when I explained the tradition of the inclusion of a ring wrapped in baking paper. My Mum Outlaw declared it and Donal Skehan “very nice”. I also tried, and loved the very famous melting moments from Australian Masterchef 2012. Have you been watching this years series? What did you think of it?

jaffa cake snake

Anyway, with the emails bouncing back and forward with Mum Outlaw on the subject of barmbrack (and Donal Skehan); she told me about a jaffa chocolate biscuit cake she had recently made. I changed the recipe a little and here it is and very nice it is too. I am now thinking of making it again but shaping it into a chocolate salami like this one and giving it as a Christmas gift (*sings*) in a brown paper package tied up in string – these are a few of my favourite things. (Sorry can’t help myself, it’s nearly Christmas after all!)

All systems back to normal now and I have lots of Christmas inspiration to share in the next fortnight or so!


  • 150g dark chocolate
  • 150g milk chocolate
  • 110g butter
  • 2tbsp golden syrup
  • 150g jaffa cakes
  • 200g biscuits, a mixture of rich tea, digestives or shortbread
  • 160g chocolate orange segments


  • Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup together over a low heat. Set aside and allow to cool to room temperature (this is important as it stops the biscuits from going soggy)
  • Cut each of the jaffa cakes into four pieces and add to a large bowl.
  • Place the biscuits into a ziploc bag and bash with your hands or a rolling pin  until they become small pieces, don’t go as far as to turn them into crumbs. Add the biscuits to the jaffa cakes.
  • Cut each of the orange segments up into smaller chunks and add them to the bowl with the biscuits.
  • Line a 9inch square tin with baking parchment.
  • Add the chocolate to the biscuits, jaffa cakes and chocolate chunks and mix to combine. Pour the mixture into the lined tin and flatten it with a spatula. Place in the fridge to harden before cutting into approximately 25 squares.


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12 Responses to Jaffa Biscuit Cake

  1. huntfortheverybest says:

    they look yummy!

  2. These look super simple to make I’m definitely going to steal your idea and use them as a nice Christmas treat for my family! Thanks!

  3. Magda says:

    Oh girl you’re back finally, I missed you so much.
    I’ve almost finished 4th serie, and I finished 5th so far. It is soooo good, I love it.

  4. siobhan says:

    Thats sounds great! I will be trying it :)

  5. canalcook says:

    This looks great. My mum made a broken biscuit cake with Terry’s chocolate orange a while back, this takes it one step further.

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