2011 – A Year in Cake

January – my sister’s birthday cake. Yes it’s a cat’s head. Chocolate orange sponge with buttercream.
January – Chub’s Birthday Cake. Coconut, lime and raspberry.
February – Keeva’s 3rd birthday cake. Chocolate and more chocolate.
April – a wedding cake. Fruit cake, chocolate biscuit cake and tiffin.
May – Adam’s 6th birthday cake – chocolate and fresh cream.
June – Boston Cream Cupcakes.
July – just doing some practice.
August – my birthday! Drinking a margarita instead of baking a cake is good on one’s birthday.
September – Lemon Drizzle Cakes.
October – Chocolate Cola Cupcakes & Vanilla ’99s’ for the Great Irish Bake for Temple St Children’s Hospital.
Happy New Year! x
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6 Responses to 2011 – A Year in Cake

  1. Rolling Pin Claire says:

    >I wouldn't mind being Karen or Keeva. My birthday is in April, you might oblige!

  2. Magda says:

    >It seems you have a really caky year. I hope 2012 will be as colourful as cakes you made.

  3. WiseMóna says:

    >Wow – what a year. Beautiful – every one of them – Happy New Year!

  4. Cross My Apple Tart says:

    >Thanks for visiting ladies. Hope you all have a cake filled 2012!

  5. Valerie Byrne says:

    Adrienne, I love your website. Fair play to you, you are truly talented. From seeing many of these cakes first hand, and being lucky enough to have sampled them they are a true work of art.Your Mam was always a great woman to cook, the smell from her kitchen was so welcoming always making sure we never left your house with holes in our bellies. She would be so proud of you.Keep up the good work.

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